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Bardex Shiplift and Transfer Systems
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4100 Te Shiplift
12000 Te Shiplift
A 4,100 metric ton Shiplift System and three way Transfer System.
A 12,000 metric ton Shiplift System and Transfer System.
Shiplift photo
Shiplift photo
Twelve of our Linear Chain Jacks being prepared for shipment to a Shiplift System installation.
A 260 metric ton capacity Linear Chain Jack commonly used in Bardex Shiplift Systems.
Vessel on lift
Shiplift photo
A Bardex Shiplift System being readied to lower the platform and vessel into the water.
A 4,200 metric ton Shiplift System with the platform raised to yard level.
Shiplift photo
Shiplift photo
A picture of a lifting station raising the empty shiplift platform.
A Linear Chain Jack fully extended.
Shiplift photo
Shiplift photo
A 1,800 metric ton naval vessel being prepared to be lifted.
A vessel being towed off the shiplift platform onto a waiting Bardex side transfer carriage.
Shiplift photo
Shiplift photo
The Linear Chain Jacks used in the Shiplift are designed so that the lifting chains are always mechanically held at all times during operation.
The Shiplift can be designed to be used in conjunction with a Bardex Transfer Carriage (visible beneath the vessel).
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