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Many SPAR based production platforms rely on a Bardex Mooring and Tensioning System for their safe, efficient, and reliable mooring needs. The Bardex system utilizes our pioneering and field proven Linear Chain Jack Technology to provide the muscle necessary to tension even the largest of chain mooring lines.

Bardex Linear Chain Jacks with accompanying
Turndown Sheaves on station and ready to tension the mooring lines. Chain Windlasses of similar pulling capacity would occupy footprint areas multiple times greater, and weigh significantly more than the Bardex Linear Chain Jacks and Turndown Sheaves pictured above.

The Bardex system is significantly lighter and has a much smaller equipment footprint compared to a similar capacity system using chain windlasses. Because maximized deck space and weight reduction are critical factors in the design of today's SPARs, the Bardex Linear Chain Jack Mooring System has become the industry standard.

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If you would like to obtain information regarding the possible design and use of a Bardex SPAR Mooring and Tensioning System for your project, please contact your Bardex representative, or E-mail us directly at bardex@bardex.com

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