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Gripper Jacks

A 950 metric ton push/pull capacity Bardex Gripper Jack (the world's largest)
capable of moving loads up to 3,800 metric tons.


Safe and Effective Heavy Load Skidding

Bardex is the world's leading manufacturer of hydraulic Gripper Jack Skidding Systems, including those in use on almost all multi-well drilling platforms in the North Sea.

The term "Gripper Jack" was coined by Bardex engineers who developed the first Gripper Jack nearly 40 years ago. Bardex is the industry standard and world market leader.

A recently installed Bardex Gripper Jack
Rig Skidding System.

The key element in any Bardex Skidding System is a hydraulic friction-lock device (aka "Gripper") on which is mounted the double acting hydraulic jacking cylinder(s) (aka "Jack"). The Gripper clamps the flange of the beam on which the load is resting and acts as a moveable reaction point for the Jack.

The table below explains the basic sequence of steps which Bardex Gripper Jacks use to move such massive loads.


Gripper Jack Operating Sequence
Gripper Jack Components
1) Gripper Jack Assembly mounted to jacking beam and attached to load.
Gripper clamps beam
2) The Gripper is pressurized, locking it to jacking beam.
Cylinder extends moving load
3) Pressure is maintained in Gripper; the Cylinder is extended, moving the load.
Gripper un-clamps from beam
4) Pressure is released from the Gripper unlocking it from jacking beam.
Cylinder retracts and  resets Gripper
5) The Cylinder is retracted, moving the Gripper into position for next move.

A complete system includes at least two Gripper jacks, plus the requisite Hydraulic Power Unit, operators control console, and the interconnecting high pressure hydraulic hoses. Lateral and longitudinal movements are accomplished through the use of four Gripper Jacks, two for the "X" movement and two for "Y" movement, selection being simply effected by a valve manifold on the control console.


For Additional Information

Bardex has the capability to design and manufacture Gripper Jack Skidding Systems that can move loads exceeding 20,000 metric tons.

If you would like to obtain some additional information regarding our Gripper Jacks please contact your Bardex representative or E-mail us at bardex@bardex.com

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