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Bardex's custom designed and manufactured Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) are produced primarily for the offshore oil / gas and shipyard maritime industries. They are ruggedly constructed and designed for minimum maintenance and extended life while subjected to the harsh environments and continuous operation.

Whether it is used to power Bardex Hydraulic Load Handling Systems or equipment manufactured by others, any Bardex HPU will perform dependably.

If you would like to obtain some information regarding the design and use of our HPUs for your project(s), please contact your Bardex representative, or E-mail us directly at bardex@bardex.com

Hydraulic Power Unit HPU w/ sound enclosure HPU w/ controls
Bardex HPU Features

Common Features:

  • Electric or Diesel powered.
  • Single or multiple motors providing as much as 3,000 horsepower (2,240 Kw).
  • Completely self contained, needing only connection to electric power.
  • Standard operating pressures up to 5,000 psi (345 bar).
  • Explosion proof electrical components.
  • Stainless steel plumbing.
  • Overpressure protection on all circuits.
  • Stainless steel reservoir.
  • Baffled reservoir to reduce foaming and air entrainment.
  • Filter protection on all circuits.
  • Air or water cooling.
  • Rugged square frame construction.
  • Coated for marine use.

Optional Features:

  • Integral operator controls for hydraulic equipment.
  • Sound dampening enclosures.
  • Containerized design (standard or custom sizes available).

HPU in 20' container
A Bardex 420 Horsepower HPU built inside a special 20 foot container.

HPU Applications

Bardex can design and build electric and diesel driven HPUs of up to 3,000 horsepower for a wide range of applications with specific requirements. Some of the applications using Bardex HPUs include:

SPAR Mooring
FPSO Mooring
Pipe Handling / Tensioning
Rig Skidding
BOP Handling
Riser Handling
Jacket Loadout /Launch
Motion Compensation
Supply Lines
Rig Clamping
Turret Turning / Tensioning
Production Tool Handling
Deck Lifting
Deck Tool Operation

Cargo Handling
Container Crane Lifting
Portable Pier Erection

Aerospace & Industrial
Module Movement


Caisson Elevators
Shipyard Transfer
Container Crane Lift
Ship Extrusion
Module Movement
Crane Skidding
Deck Lifting
Jacket Loadout / Launch

Heavy Construction
Caisson Movement / Positioning
Tunnel Form Positioning
Module Movement / Positioning

Motion Compensation
Buoy, CALM, SALM Mooring

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