GOLETA, California, U.S.A., June 21, 2006

A subsidiary of Transocean Inc. has contracted with Bardex Corporation of Goleta, California, U.S.A., for the supply of a Linear Chain Jack Mooring System to be used on the semi submersible rig, Jack Bates.

The Bardex mooring system upgrade consists of four linear chain jack assemblies and four deck mounted idler sheave assemblies. The chain jacks will be sized for use with 3-9/16 inch ORQ+20% Studlink Chain, and are designed with a stall/hold capacity of 550 kips/600 kips. Four self contained, air cooled hydraulic power unit (HPU) assemblies will provide power to the system. Each HPU includes two 60-horsepower TEFC electric motors and motor starters, two pressure compensated variable displacement pumps, and is rated for 5000 psi (345 bar) maximum operating pressure. Four free-standing control console assemblies include all control actuators and monitoring instrumentation to safely operate one Linear Chain Jack Assembly. A load monitoring system is included to provide individual line tension display at both the control console and in the central control room.

The order includes spare parts for start-up and commissioning and Bardex will also provide both offshore and onshore field engineering services.

Bardex designs and supplies a wide range of heavy load moving, handling and positioning systems for the offshore and shipyard industries. These include skidding systems for drilling rigs and jacket loadout/launch operations; systems for BOP handling, riser/pipe handling/tensioning, riser hang-off, TLP tendon installation/tensioning, SPAR/FPS/FPSO mooring, pipe line pull-in, and turret turning/locking; and ship elevator and transfer systems.