GOLETA, California, U.S.A., October 2, 2006

Bardex Corporation’s Linear Chain Jack Mooring System has assisted the successful mooring of the Atlantis PQ platform at its permanent location in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico; Green Canyon Block 699. The BP operated semi-submersible set sail for the Gulf of Mexico in early August, 2006, and has an installed draft displacement of 89,000 tonnes. The facility is designed to process 200,000 barrels of oil and 180 million cubic feet of gas per day. The Atlantis platform is currently the deepest moored floating production facility in the world in 7,074 feet of water.

The Bardex Mooring System consists of twelve linear chain jack assemblies with twelve integral chain stoppers and twelve turndown sheave assemblies. The chain jack assemblies are used to haul-in and tension the mooring chains during active line handling and to hold the mooring chains during idle periods of operation. Three (3) chain jack assemblies are mounted on each corner of the upper hull deck perimeter and will service the specified 171mm (6.75 inch) studless K4 chain. The system is designed for a maximum rated haul-in/pay-out capacity of 1,798 kips, mechanical hold capacity of 1,978 kips, and a chain stopper capacity of 4,969 kips. A self contained, water cooled hydraulic power unit assembly, with three independent 200 horsepower motor / pump assemblies provides effective chain haul-in and payout speeds. Supported by the system’s Programmable Logic Controller, four local control console assemblies allow for automated operation of each group of three Linear Chain Jacks. A manual control console is incorporated in each chain jack for back up operations. The Bardex supply also included a complete set of spare parts to support the equipment for installation, commissioning, and two years of operation. Bardex provided both offshore and onshore field engineering services.

Bardex Corporation is an advanced applied technology leader that designs, manufactures, and installs a wide range heavy load handling, positioning and tensioning systems for the worldwide offshore oil and shipyard industries. These include skidding systems for drilling rigs and jacket loadout/launch operations; systems for BOP handling, riser/pipe handling/tensioning, riser hang-off, and floating production systems for TLP tendon installation/tensioning, SPAR, FPS/FPSO mooring, pipe line pull-in, and turret turning and locking.