GOLETA, California, U.S.A., June 10, 2002

Bardex Corporation of Goleta, California has announced it has made delivery of the16-line semi-taut Mooring System to be installed on the new-build Shell-BP Na Kika floating production system (FPS) which will be permanently spread-moored in the Gulf of Mexico.

The FPS mooring system will utilize a combination of steel wire strands encased in heavy duty plastic jacketing and 124 mm RQ4 studless chain for tensioning and station keeping of the Na Kika in record setting 6300 feet of water in Mississippi Canyon Block 474. The Bardex mooring package includes four independent shuttle cart-mounted 550 Te capacity hydraulic Linear Chain Jack Assemblies, one for each column of the vessel. Each column’s Linear Chain Jack will be able to be shuttled between any of the four fixed Bardex mooring line chain stopper assemblies also located at the column. The shuttling will be accomplished via a Bardex designed hydraulic Gripper Jack Assembly positioned on guided tracks installed at each column. Power and operation of the entire system will be accomplished via a 400-hp Bardex hydraulic power supply and a Bardex control console located at each column.

The Na Kika semi-submersible will be tied to six subsea production systems servicing the Ariel, East Ansley, Fourier, Herschel, Kepler, and Coulomb satellite fields, whose water depths range from 5,800 to 7,600 ft. First production is anticipated in mid 2003, beginning with the first five fields. Coulomb’s production will be tied back to the vessel as capacity becomes available.