GOLETA, California, U.S.A., September 11, 2008

Bardex Corporation, Goleta, California, is preparing to ship an order for moveable chain jack mooring tensioning system for the Exmar OPTI EX floating production semi (FPS), a deep-draft ring-pontoon vessel, shown here under construction.

Each of the four chain jacks will pull up to 1,100 kips of the 107mm top mooring chain and are moveable over three Bardex chainstoppers each rated to hold the break strength of the chain – over 2,500 kips. Working closely with Exmar, Bardex engineers developed a unique chain handling system that, with a minimum of deck equipment enables a single 107 mm installation chain to be used for each cluster of three chainstoppers. As the installation chain is pulled in, it is directed over a special deflector sheave that allows it to feed back out through the adjacent chainstopper to prepare for pull-in of the next mooring line. After mooring is completed, the installation chain and related deck equipment is removed to reduce weight.

The system is powered by two Hydraulic Power Units with associated controls and instrumentation each which comprises twin 60 hp motor-pumps and air-cooled heat exchangers.