GOLETA, California, U.S.A., March 2014

Bardex Corporation’s dual chain size fairlead for the Ichthys CPF mooring system order was featured in a presentation by Barbara Stone, senior consultant for MCS Kenny, at a meeting of the Texas section of the Society of Naval Architects and Maritime Engineers (SNAME) in March.

Barbara’s presentation provided a brief overview of the Bardex moveable chain jack and BarLatch™ Fairlead Stopper mooring system that is being manufactured for the Central Processing Facilities semi-submersible for the Inpex, Ichthys field development offshore N.W. Australia. However, the main thrust of the presentation discussed the design, development and testing programme for the special dual chain fairlead wheel and chain connector that Bardex developed for its BarLatch™ Fairlead Stopper to enable use of 102 mm installation chain and the permanent 178 mm R4 top chain.