About Us

Who we are

Bardex is a world leader in heavy lifting and positioning systems via our products and engineered solutions based on our patented Chain Jack & Gripper Jack technologies.

Our solutions are offered in the following target markets:

  • Offshore Drilling Platforms (Skidding, Leveling & Restraining Systems)
  • Floating Production Units (Mooring & Riser Pull-in Systems), and
  • Shipyards (Shiplift/Transfer Systems)

Mission Statement

Continuously exceed our commitment for Value, Technical Leadership, and On Time Performance.

Vision Statement

To become our clients’ most valuable supplier. 

Where are we?

Bardex is a privately owned California Corporation with its Group Headquarters based in Goleta, California, U.S.A., near Santa Barbara, CA, approximately 100 miles north of Los Angeles. The Company maintains fully staffed engineering, sales and lifecycle services in the Group HQ, Bardex Corp, and Korea and a Sales office in Houston, Texas. Bardex maintains Sales Representatives (agents) in many countries around the world.

What we do

Bardex is a full service company offering products, systems and services with emphasis on providing integrated solutions for our clients to optimize your application requirements for cost, space and weight control.

Bardex staff includes technical personnel with an extensive pool of experience and expertise in heavy load handling and positioning technologies. They possess acknowledged records of achievements in their respective specialties and many of them have offshore experience in the world’s major Oil & Gas Offshore theaters such as the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, West Africa, Asia/Pacific, Brazil and other key Offshore E&P development areas.

Our activities cover the full asset Lifecycle Support spectrum from conceptual design, through analysis, planning and design, manufacturing, packing and delivery; including field engineering services for supervision of commissioning, start-up and maintenance; and the supply of replacement parts and assemblies for the specialized mechanical and hydraulic machinery.

The company’s Quality Management System is ISO-9001 registered.


For over 50 years, Bardex Corporation has specialized in heavy load handling and positioning equipment and solutions. We have a long and distinguished history of providing cost effective solutions to heavy load management problems in the Offshore Drilling and Floating Production markets as well as Shipyard solutions for both new and maintenance/repair. With innovative and patented technologies developed internally by Bardex since the 1960’s.

In 1963, Bardex Corporation (then known as Hydranautics) invented the combined hydraulic friction lock/double acting jacking cylinder assembly and named it the “Gripper-Jack”. This initiated the Bardex tradition of development and innovation in heavy load handling and positioning that today encompasses a wide variety of certifying agency-approved products including Chain Jack based systems. Bardex heavy load handling systems such as Skidding system, Leveling systems, Seismic & Hurricane restraint systems, mooring systems and Riser Pull-in systems which are installed on a number of fixed platforms, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, tension leg platforms, FPSOs, Deep Draft Caisson Vessels (SPARs/DDCV’s) located around the world.

Bardex Time line of significant events:

  • 1963: Our original founding company, Hydranautics Hydraulics was incorporated.
  • 1966-69: Hydraulic Gripper Jack designed and patented as rig derrick skidding & positioning systems.
  • 1969-1971: Hydraulic Gripper Jack designed and patented for use in skidding systems.
  • 1972-1975: Double Chain Jack and single chain jack were designed, invented and patented for use of shipyard shiplift systems and other lifting systems
  • 1974:Design and manufacture of the first chain jack ship elevator. KTMI (Korea Tacoma Marine) Mason, Korea.
  • 1975-1976: Shiplifting apparatus designed and patented.
  • 1975 to current: Design and manufacture of heavy load handling systems used on almost all of the multi-well fixed drilling platforms located on the Northwest European Continental Shelf with over 80 rig skidding systems and a comparable number of hydraulic power units in the North Sea. BP Forties, Beatrice are a few examples. Bardex is the world market leader with over 200 rig skidding systems delivered worldwide.
  • 1976: First Gripper jacks installed in the North Sea.
  • 1977: First offshore skidding systems installed on the BP Forties Platform in the North Sea.
  • 1976: Design and manufacture of the first rig skidding system to operate on curved skid rails for Astano, used same concept for Chevron JSM in 2012.
  • 1978: Design and manufacture of the world’s largest shipyard transfer system. PNOC Phillipines later bought by Keppel.
  • 1978:Design and manufacture of jacket load-out and launch systems to accommodate the largest barge borne steel structures. Camel Laird-Scotland.
  • 1984-1986: Adopted parent company name “Bardex”, after sales of Hydranautics water treatment business to Dow Chemical.
  • 1985: Design and manufacture of the BOP & Riser handling systems for the world’s first center caisson semi-submersible. Reading & bates Zane Barnes which was renamed to the Transocean Jack Bates.
  • 1992: Design and manufacture of the first SCR (Steel Catenary Riser) & pipe-line pull-in system for Shell Auger (GoM) and TLP tendon top tensioning systems using Chain Jacks.
  • 1993: Designed, manufactured the first Chain Jack Mooring systems for SOFEC JHN Lufeng 13-1 (China) single point mooring system.
  • 1996:Design and manufacture of the first chain jack mooring system for Spars and Deep Draft Caisson Vessels. Kerr-McGee bought by Oryx then Anadarko. Nepture Production SPAR.
  • 1997-1998: Designed, patented & trademarked the BarLatch™ underwater fairlead chain stopper latch systems.
  • 1998: Design and manufacture of the Petronius Compliant Tower leveling system operating in 1500 feet water depth. Texaco & Marathon.
  • 2009: Mad Dog Design and manufacture of the world’s largest rig skidding system.
  • 2013: Invented Dual chain handling Chain wheel for costs and weight savings for chain handling on mooring systems.
  • 2013-2015: Designed & patented the mooring chain connecting link used in mooring systems.
  • 1975-2017: A flawless safety record for all of the company’s shiplift systems.

Bardex continues to design, invent, patent and manufacture heavy load handling equipment for the benefits of our clients.