BOP Handling

Bardex has provided a wide variety of specialized Lifting and Handling Systems for fixed platforms and floating vessels worldwide.  Our equipment is in use from Australia to the Gulf of Mexico; from South East Asia to Russia from the Middle East to the Northwest European Continental Shelf. Our Russian and North Sea Systems demonstrate Bardex’s capability in low temperature environments.

Products and systems designed and manufactured by Bardex include: BOP Lift/Lower Systems, BOP Transporter Carts, Riser Lifting and Positioning Equipment and Specialized Gantry/Bridge Cranes for many applications.

During its 50 years of operation, Bardex has maintained a continuing program of product improvement. This program includes design reviews, weight reduction analyses and monitoring of the service reliability and functional suitability of its products. The proposed system incorporates all of the most recent materials and component improvements which have resulted from this program.

Bardex’s management, engineering, and manufacturing experience includes concept design, detailed engineering analysis, equipment specifications, complete detailed design, manufacture, and testing. Bardex’s Project and Design Engineers are responsible for providing practical, cost effective solutions for the hydraulic systems used on many offshore platforms.  Bardex also employs trained field service personnel to provide installation, commissioning and repair assistance.

A list of typical Bardex BOP handling and similar systems is as follows:

  • Rotating Bridge Crane Systems
    • Chain Jack Hoists
    • Wire Rope Hoists
    • Rotary Chain Hoists
  • BOP Transporter Carts
    • Friction Drive
    • Rack and Pinion Drive
  • BOP, Rig Skidding and Handling Tools Control Systems
  • BOP Lifting Frame and Trolley Assemblies
  • Riser Bridge Crane Systems
  • Riser Elevator Systems
  • Overhead Bridge Crane Systems
  • BOP Lift/Lower  Systems
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Semi-Gantry Cranes