Riser Centralizer Systems

Today’s ultra-deepwater dynamically positioned ships face numerous operational challenges, not the least of which is to weather a surprise storm, capture and center the disconnected marine riser, and provide guidance to the BOP as it passes through the wave zone. For example, if the weather changes and suddenly becomes so severe that it becomes difficult to achieve vessel station keeping, provisions must be made to protect the well and the drilling equipment.

This is provided for by disconnecting the riser at the vessel, thus removing the flex joint restriction. The risers can then be protected by the Bardex Riser Centralizer System which retains the riser securely in the middle of the moonpool, yet allows the vessel to take excursion from the well’s center position. The riser can then be quickly reconnected once the storm has left allowing drilling to recommence without significant delays.

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Riser Centralizer System

  1. Riser centralizer structure (typical 4 places)
  2. Riser centralizer structure (retracted)
  3. Radius of maximum riser excursion
  4. Edge of moonpool
This photo shows a Riser Centralizer System in the ship’s moonpool during the installation process. When the system is retracted, as shown above, it provides more than adequate clearance for the BOP and mud mat.
When fully extended, the centralizer beams form a solid protective restraint around the riser.
A Bardex Riser Centralizer System on station in the moonpool of the R & B Deepwater Pathfinder. Two of the four retracted centralizer beams are visible just beneath the water surface