Semi-Submersible Mooring

These chain jacks pulled in the 151 mm mooring and chain to 620 tonnes pre-tension.

Many Semi-Submersible production platforms rely on a Bardex Mooring and Tensioning System for their safe, efficient, and reliable mooring needs. The Bardex system utilizes our pioneering and field proven Linear Chain Jack Technology to provide the muscle necessary to tension even the largest of chain mooring lines.

The Bardex system is significantly lighter and has a much smaller equipment footprint compared to a similar capacity system using chain windlasses. Because maximized deck space and weight reduction are critical factors in the design of today’s Semi-Submersibles, the Bardex Linear Chain Jack Mooring System has become the industry standard.

For Additional System Information

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This compact chain jack has a holding capability of nearly twice that of adjacent mooring winches.
To minimize weight and costs, Bardex moveable chain jacks, one per cluster of several chain stoppers, can be specified for vessels having passive mooring systems. The photograph shows one such system for a semi-submersible production vessel designed to accommodate 107 mm Grade 4 studless chain with a stall load up to 499 tones. The chain jack can be moved from one chain stopper location to an adjacent location and be ready to haul-in the next mooring top chain within 30 minutes. Each of the Bardex chain stoppers is rated to hold the 1,135 tonnes chain MBL.