Shiplift Systems

For over 35 years, Bardex Corporation has been providing technologically advanced heavy load moving systems to improve the construction and repair capabilities of the world’s new and expanding shipyards. The designs of the Bardex Ship Elevator (more commonly known as a “Shiplift”) and Shipyard Transfer Systems focus on improved safety and economy, simplicity of operation, and lower maintenance costs. Capital and operational costs can be reduced by as much as 50% when compared to other systems.

Bardex shipyard systems have been accepted by classification societies worldwide and have performed flawlessly at major naval and commercial applications. A Bardex Shiplift System incorporates a matching number of its hydraulic Linear Chain Jack Assemblies positioned on each side of the lift platform.

These Linear Chain Jack stations have a compact foot print and use rugged stud-link anchor chain to raise/lower the elevator platform. The use of chain in our systems provide a superior and dependable lifting element with internal strength, integrity, and a useful safe life many times that of a conventional wire rope.

Bardex Shiplift Systems can be designed to accommodate vessels with weights as high as 20,000 metric tons.

Superior Corrosion Control


76mm chain versus 36mm wire rope comparison
Corrosion control of chain is easily accomplished with simple visual inspections and periodic measurements of the outer diameter.


Safety of dual chains compared to a single wire rope.
Corrosion of wire rope is difficult to keep track of as it is virtually impossible to inspect the internal cavities within the strands.

Safe and Reliable Operation

The platform is raised one chain, one pitch at a time. All of the Linear Chain Jacks are hydraulically synchronized for position, regardless of load, which promotes even lifting of the platform. Any minimal unevenness is erased at the end of each stoke of the Linear Chain Jacks, and the next cycle begins from the coplanar reference.

The Bardex chain operated shiplift platform, which produces much less deflection than a cable-supported platform, ensures a smooth transition of the ship to and from the yard without the need for continuous platform adjustment. Transition can be accomplished longitudinally or laterally. Bardex also designs complimentary Shipyard Transfer Systems that can be used in conjunction with the Shiplift System.

Each of the Linear Chain Jacks pictured here is designed to lift 260 metric tons. A wire rope winch of similar lifting capacity would occupy an area 6 times greater than that of the Bardex equipment.

The entire system can be operated from a single control console. Control circuitry provides automatic load limiting at each station, and, in the event of overload, platform movement is automatically stopped. Depending upon the application’s requirement, the platform can be designed a rigid or articulated structure.

Compact Design

The small footprint of the Bardex Linear Chain Jacks cuts many expensive cubic meters off the needed pier width on each side of the elevator. Under normal conditions, the Linear Chain Jacks can be positioned below the yard and platform elevations allowing unobstructed access from the pier to the platform, maximizing platform workstation efficiency.

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Photo Gallery of Bardex Shiplift Systems