An Important Message Regarding Covid-19

At Bardex, we expect minimal negative impact from the COVID-19 virus on our business, but we may incur some delays.

Bardex wishes to advise all of our clients of potential business impacts, and what actions we are taking to mitigate any potential disruptions.

Lifecycle Services:

Two significant government actions occurred 19 March, which directly impacts Bardex. The US Department of State issued a Level 4 travel warning that restricts all travel outside the US, regardless of destination. Essentially, if one travels outside the US, indefinite stranding in the destination country is possible. The Governor of California imposed a stay at home directive that requires non-essential business to close temporarily. Bardex falls into the non-essential category. There was no timeframe given for the closure, although one could imply that 8 weeks is the critical period for slowing the coronavirus in California.

Remote Working:

Bardex has taken steps to allow employees to work from home constructively and effectively, including access to computers and software. Engineering Design, Procurement, Quality, Logistics, Accounting and Sales activities are ongoing processes and are currently handled remotely.

Bardex began a work from home policy for non-manufacturing personnel starting March 16th as management and the board of directors believed this to be in the best interest of the employees, the Company, and the surrounding community. With the new State directive, all manufacturing activities at Bardex Goleta, CA ceased until the Governor rescinds his directive. Since the duration of the coronavirus pandemic is unknown, we cannot currently quantify how this will affect current backlog of projects and services calls.


We are also assessing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our sub-supplier vendors. As you know, some portions of our supply chain are outside the USA, mostly in South Korea. At this time, we are not aware of any disruptions in the supply chain, and we will continuously monitor the sub-contractors and plan to advise if there are negative impacts.

Bardex shall continue to evaluate and advise of any coronavirus impacts, which may affect current and future Projects and Lifecycle Service obligations to you, our valued clients.



Thomas Miller, PE

President and CEO

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