Harness the Bardex Advantage Over Floating Dry Docks

Increase Your Business's Flexibility & Revenue

  • Multiple Vessels can be berthed for maintenance simultaneously increasing the capacity & revenue of the shipyard.
  • Delays in the repair or maintenance of any one ship will not have an effect on the schedule of maintenance for other ships.
  • Logistics and flow of materials to and from the berthed vessel are unrestricted at yard level allowing for faster and safer ship repairs and resulting in more ships to be serviced in a short time.
  • Several lifts or launches per day are possible, allowing more ships to be serviced in a short time (Typically less than 1 hour to lift or lower a ship on the platform).

Pounce on Opportunities for Expansion

  • Expansion of the shipyard by adding more berths on land, therefore adding more capacity.
  • Length and load capacity of the shiplift can be easily increased by lengthening quays and platform, and adding more chain jacks

Simplify Your Workflow

  • No need for removal of all equipment and materials from the berthing area prior to launching.
  • The materials and equipment remain in the repair area awaiting the next ship.
  • No worry about environmental pollution from excess materials and chemicals remaining on the deck of the floating dry dock.

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