Nick Atallah

Director of Product Development

Since joining Bardex in 1998 as a design engineer, Nick has progressed to design engineering manager, director of engineering, and now to his current role, where he oversees new products, sales, and marketing. Nick’s pivot to product development is informed by his earlier Bardex work and experience. He saw how bringing success to clients in the field provided opportunities to develop new products and solutions for previous clients who had already come to trust Bardex to solve their unique challenges.

“Our clients are in high-risk fields, and they need to be able to have trust in us – in our technical abilities and that we’re going to be there to follow through and support them. We earn that trust by working collaboratively, in partnership, with each and every client. The more transparent we are, the more comfortable we can make our clients.”

Jon Bruenning

Director of Project Management

In his career spanning more than 20 years, Jon has been involved in a great diversity of projects, such as designing and executing large-scale commercial and industrial buildings, IT and information management systems, and complex electro-mechanical machinery for highly specialized applications. Though every project is unique and has its own calculus driving decision-making, Jon’s objective is always the same: to deliver quality results that satisfy all stakeholders’ interests. That objective is what motivates and engages him.

“One of the most important skills for our project managers to have is to be good listeners – to read between the lines and really understand what our clients want and need. It’s essential for meeting their requests, addressing the challenges they face, and ultimately providing an outcome that drives them toward success.”

Anita Elovitz

Director of Quality/HSE

Anita joined Bardex in 2006 as the ISO Administrator after 15 years leading Quality activities in the medical-device and pharmaceutical industries. She quickly improved the effectiveness of Bardex’s Quality Management System and played an invaluable role in establishing and registering the Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System. Under her administration of our Quality and Safety Systems, clients are ensured the highest level of design and manufacturing compliance in the industry.

“Our clients depend on us to deliver a vetted network of suppliers and products that meet all critical pathways. My team is proud of its efficiency and coordination of compliance systems, maintaining the Bardex standard of delivering the most capable systems.”

Jon M. Fleming

Chief Financial Officer

Jon’s C-suite roles in numerous markets, including infrastructure, marine, construction, facilities, and energy, and vast experience in accounting and financial operations uniquely qualify him as a leader in executing Bardex’s strategic vision and growth. A team-builder who takes pride in investing in people, Jon regards Bardex’s unwavering customer-focus
as invaluable.

“Our clients need to feel comfortable with the financial commitment they’re making and our ability to successfully execute very complex projects. Our proven financial strength and capabilities go a long way in achieving that comfort level. But beyond that, we put our hearts and souls into these projects because we want every client to feel they would hire us again.”

Travis Jones

Director of Operations

Throughout his career at Bardex, first as the production coordinator, and now as the director of operations, Travis has striven to meet every customer’s needs and every challenge related to the growth of the company and its product lines. That can-do spirit is reflected in his mentoring philosophy: If engineering can design it, we can build it.

“There’s a particular project I’m especially proud of because it embodies how important our customers’ needs are to us. On a very tight timeline, we found a way to develop and manufacture a first-of-its-kind system and test and ship it so that the client had it by the target date – all without any of the quality concerns that can arise on fast-turnaround projects.”

Tom Miller

President and CEO

Tom parlayed his love of surfing and the ocean into a career distinguished by many firsts. After earning a degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on ocean engineering, Tom joined Bardex, where he worked on projects that spawned first-of-a-kind products, leading to six U.S. and international patents.

Some of the pioneering work he’s been involved in includes many first-of-their-kind projects: the deep-water floating drilling vessel; the drilling-riser and BOP handling equipment for the first vessel capable of drilling in 5,000 feet; the deep-water floating production vessel in the GoM; the steel catenary riser retrieval system; the tendon tensioning system; chain jack mooring line tensioning system; and the elevator for lifting mega yachts into dry dock.

“I feel fortunate to have brought the pioneering spirit to Bardex and to mentoring our talented engineers. And I bring that legacy to the CEO position, where my focus is on being a valued partner to our clients by listening to their issues and then sharing our experience and expertise.”

Nathan Shaw

P.E. – Director of Engineering

Nathan has two major passions: lifting and moving heavy things and getting to solutions faster. They are what have driven his career for over 15 years, earning him a reputation for leading and growing engineering teams that deliver successful on- and offshore projects across multiple markets.

Nathan believes it takes exceptional people to deliver exceptional results and works to ensure that Bardex engineers bring a sense of urgency to every project. His approach to fostering this, as well as to developing products and engineers, is hands-on, emphasizing the importance of spending time with the product and in the field.

“On any project, every engineer has to see the greater purpose for the client. We seek to champion fit-for-purpose designs that align with their budget and schedule, positioning them for tremendous success.”

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