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Off Vessel Tensioning: The Lightweight Solution with Hefty Advantages

Bardex’s offshore solutions have more than six decades of experience and expertise behind them. And it shows in our Off Vessel Tensioning (OVT) BarLatch™ mooring system for the oil and gas industry. For starters, our patented lightweight OVT method is unmatched in the speed at which platforms become storm-safe.


We designed the OVT method to work with our patented BarLatch™ Fairlead Chain Stoppers technology that has been in service since 2011. This equipment can be used in any region of the world and is approved by the major certifying bodies, including the ABS, BV and DNV.

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Field-Proven Advantages

  • Liberate invaluable deck equipment space with the removal of chain tensioning and handling equipment and decrease the topside weight by 600 – 1,000 metric tons.
  • Benefit from the space and weight savings in one of two ways:
    • Install lighter weight revenue-earning processing equipment to increase profitability over the asset’s service life. Or,
    • Reduce upfront expenditures with a smaller hull design
  • Tension sensing is gauged to your risk tolerance. The load-measurement system employs Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs); a single LVDT per BarLatch is robust enough to do the job, but for cost-effective risk reduction, using multiple LVDTs is also an option.

Read Nick Atallah’s abstract from his paper, “Learnings from Offshore Oil & Gas: Key Translational Success Factors in Mooring Hookup and Tensioning Methods for Floating Wind”, presented at OTC in May 2024.

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