The Bardex Difference? Our Ability to Tackle the Seemingly Impossible

Bardex engineers bring the highest level of technical expertise to meeting whatever challenges our clients face. Yet, as important as skill and experience are, there’s another quality we believe makes all the difference: an unwavering passion for moving and lifting unquestionably heavy things.

That passion drives us to engineer faster, safer, more efficient systems for shipyards and deep-water mooring. Whether it’s designing a first-of-its-kind solution or adapting existing technology for a new application, Bardex engineers are ready to take on your toughest challenges.

Comprehensive design and consulting services – without the sales pitch
Our multidisciplinary engineering team covers all the critical specialties: civil, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, structural, and software engineering. Through collaboration – with each other and with our clients – our goal is always to understand the client’s needs, wants, and concerns and propose the best way of addressing them.

Ultimately, we are inventors and problem solvers, not salespeople. Our role is to help our clients succeed.

“We have in-depth expertise all under one roof and are open to any challenge in moving and restraining heavy items – even if it seems impossible. It’s how we’ve developed so many bespoke solutions. That’s definitely a strength of ours and a unique value-add for our clients.”
– Nathan Shaw, Bardex’s Director of Engineering

Bardex’s engineering and design services cover the following areas:

FEED Study Support Services / Pre-FID Engineering Consultancy for Renewables / Oil and Gas

  • Mooring Installation Analysis Consulting
  • Subsea Mooring Connector Design
  • Product Simulation
  • R&D with Early Prototyping and Testing
  • Class Interface and Approval
  • Riser Pull-In Consulting
  • Offshore Project Engineering Support for Time-Critical Operations

Detailed Engineering

  • Electro / Hydraulic Equipment Design
  • Mechanical Chain Handling Equipment Tailored for Client’s Needs
  • FEA Analysis
  • Structural Engineering
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Design Drawings
  • Electro / Hydraulics Control System Design
  • PLC Programming
  • Electrical and Controls Engineering
  • Mechanical Handling Design Studies

See what some of our clients say about working with us.

“Their engineering is head and shoulders above the rest. They go above and beyond to exceed expectations.”

“They adapt quickly to new requirements and communicate and manage the interfaces well. They know how to find a new path in challenging situations.”

“Bardex has been great with this process, giving in-depth information and being patient with the questions and the back-and-forth.”

“They are very transparent, not trying to hide anything. You can have honest discussions with them.”