Health, Safety & Environmental Stewardship are important aspects of all Bardex designs.

The Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) program at Bardex encapsulates our commitment to protecting employees from occupational hazards and mitigating risks to the environment.

Our California and South Korea facilities are ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System certified. Bardex adheres to pertinent regulatory requirements, including hazard training for employees at our offices and job sites around the world. An established Safety Committee reviews the status of health, safety, and environmental concerns and continually updates policies and procedures to better meet our goals.

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Discover the sustainability features important to the La Ciotat chain jack Shiplift System

Mitigation of hazards to health, safety, and the environment is paramount

Hydraulics are the heart of almost all of Bardex’s equipment. We take extreme precautions to prevent environmental contamination and injuries from trapped pressure.
What we do:

Mooring Systems

Bardex has successfully moored some of the world’s largest structures in the deepest waters. Our mooring systems for the offshore wind and oil and gas industries are designed for lifespans of 20–40 years to minimize maintenance and, in turn, reduce risk to your personnel.

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Some of our mitigation techniques:

Risk Analysis

We perform risk analyses throughout the execution of a project – generally at initial design, final design, and construction/start-up phases – to ensure all reasonable risks have been identified and addressed.

Concrete Civil Works Design

Curbs capture any potential drips from the piping system, chain jacks, power units, and practically all aspects of the hydraulic system.

Learn more about two of the typical brands our customers have trusted, including their environmental standards, approvals, and eco-labels: Panolin and Motorex.


We believe this is the first question a customer should ask when expanding or upgrading their facility. We are proud to say that no Bardex shiplift has ever dropped a ship – we’ve been failure-free since our first installation in 1978! Click here to learn more about our systems. [Link to Shiplift & Transfer Systems page]

We have extensive experience with all of the major certifying authorities, including ABS, DNV, BV, and Lloyd’s Register.

Our shiplifts meet (and in some cases exceed) these common standards:

  • Lloyd’s Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment for classification or certification
  • NAVSEA’s Safety Certification Program for Drydocking Facilities and Shipbuilding Ways for U.S. Navy Ships [MIL-STD-1625D(SH)]
  • The Coast Guard’s Surface Forces Logistics Center’s (SFLC) Standard Specification 8634 – Drydocking

We would be happy to discuss any not listed here.