There’s a reason the Jack & St. Malo (JSM) Steel Catenary Riser is a favorite Bardex project.

For those outside the oil and gas industry, a steel catenary riser (SCR) is a method of transferring fluids between platforms, wells and pipelines. Delivered in 2013, the JSM SCR is an engineering marvel. It’s able to work at a depth of 7,000 ft (2,100 m), at any azimuth, and any angle while landing the pipeline’s end connection in the porch socket for 20 years of service.

“My favorite Bardex product is the SCR pull-in system. The equipment designed for the JSM project is amazing. A true testament to the bright engineering minds at Bardex.”

Evan Henderson, Bardex, Document Management & Administration Supervisor

Take a look at the JSM SCR project.

Why focus on this project?

It demonstrates our experience and the pride we take in delivering innovative deep-water solutions. Tackling these kind of client challenges is what we’re here for.

And the same drive and commitment that went into the JSM SCR go into floating wind mooring systems for the offshore wind industry and shiplift systems for the shipyard industry.

Whatever your next challenge is, you can trust that we are more than ready and willing to meet it – and then some.