Eliminate Guesswork, Maximize ROI with Predictive Intelligence

Bardex takes a unique approach in defining your shiplift parameters using real-time data analytics. An accurate understanding of your potential customer base, combined with any site-specific limitations such as channel depth, grants us the necessary insight to draft the optimal shiplift designed to maximize your ROI.

Designing a shiplift with the capacity for every ship in your area might capture 100% of the market and still be sub-optimal for your shipyard. An outlier vessel may not be worth including in your target market if it translates to a longer time to recoup your investment or if its remaining service life is short.

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You know you need to increase your yard’s capacity. Now you need to make a convincing case for funding the expansion. Where do you start?

Present an evidence-based business case for investing in the shipyard’s future, with optimized system dimensions and an estimated time to break even on the capital expenditure.

We’ll be right there with you, helping to guide decision-makers in the transition from asking “How can we afford to do this?” to “How can we afford not to do this?”

Data-defined. Data-driven. No guesswork. Bardex Predictive Intelligence.