There’s Nothing More Important than Human Capital

0 Person-Hours Onboard for Installation

The Bardex Off Vessel Tensioning (OVT) BarLatch™ mooring system is the premier lightweight solution for the offshore wind industry. Fostered by our 60 years of expertise in offshore solutions, the patented OVT method with anchor handling vessel integration has redefined the speed at which platforms become storm-safe.

The OVT method is designed to employ our patented, field-proven BarLatch™ Fairlead Chain Stoppers technology, which has been in service since 2011. Approved by the ABS, BV and DNV, this equipment is well suited for any area in the world.

Perks for Your Energy Transition Project

  • Hook-up and tension each mooring line in less than 12 hours to achieve storm safe conditions as quickly as possible.
  • 0 person-hours onboard during installation and tensioning
  • High pretensions achievable in shallow ater with minimal bollard pull
  • Tension sensing gauged to your risk tolerance via our unique load-measurement system that uses Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs)
    • A single LVDT is robust enough to use on its own
    • Multiple LVDTs can be used for cost-effective risk reduction and extra peace of mind
  • Minimal remotely operated vehicle (ROV) intervention required for hook-up and tensioning with no people on board. Smaller, non-working class ROVs can be used in the shallower water required for many floating foundation designs.