The World Leader in Safe, Effective Heavy Load Skidding

Our Gripper Jack Systems Set the Standard in Heavy Load Skidding

Bardex’s track record of developing game-changing products began with the hydraulic Gripper Jack for derricks in the 1960s. We’ve delivered heavy-load skidding systems and hydraulic power units for nearly all of the multi-well fixed drilling platforms located on the northwest European continental shelf.

And when the Forties Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta platforms underwent revitalization – after three decades in the unforgiving North Sea – we were there with the upgraded equipment and support they needed.

Today, Bardex skidding systems are used across the globe and across industries.

The Gripper Jack exemplifies our ability to adapt an innovative solution for multiple applications and environmental conditions. We develop, manufacture, and provide lifecycle support for Gripper Jack skidding systems used in:

Our skidding systems can be combined with our restraining and leveling systems to safeguard against the effects of major seismic events, high-wind loading, seafloor subsidence, or structural deflections. The complete Bardex system includes a range of options for all controls to operate skidding, leveling, and restraining systems safely and efficiently.