Advantages of a Movable Chain Jack Mooring System

  • More easily retension the system later in life
  • Change the riser touch-down points
  • Reduce cost compared with fixed chain jacks
  • Reduce weight compared with multiple chain jacks
  • Reduce or eliminate chain stored on board compared with fixed chain jacks
  • Removable for storage on land to reduce weight and maintenance on board

Moving the platform in any significant way requires a lot of chain to be hauled in or paid out. If platform movement is desired (e.g. for drilling in different areas), then we suggest fixed chain jacks so that multiple lines can be manipulated at once. Deciding between a Movable Chain Jack system, Fixed Chain Jack system, or a BarLatch™/ Off Vessel Tensioning (OVT) system will depend on the project. Our teams are ready to support your project down either path – or maybe even towards a first-of-its-kind solution. We have a long history of those!

Robust safety features:

  • The chain is always held either by the fixed chain stopper latches or by the traveling crossarm latches.
  • The latches are spring-set to close and cannot be opened when under chain tension.
  • All major hydraulic connections are hard-piped.
  • Operator controls can be fully automated so that pull-in or pay-out can be achieved by one pushbutton operation.

The three-step tension-style chain jack cycle:

1. The chain is held in the fixed chain stopper latches, and as the traveling crossarm is extended, its latches ratchet open.
2. At its fullest extension, the traveling latches close, and, as the lift cylinders are energized, the traveling latches engage the chain. As the traveling crossarm is raised further, the full chain tension will be transferred automatically from the fixed chain stopper latches to the traveling latches.
3. The fixed latches ratchet open as chain passes through until, at the highest extent of the traveling crossarm, the fixed latches will close. As the traveling crossarm is lowered, the chain will lower into the fixed latches, and chain tension will automatically transfer from the traveling latches to the fixed latches.

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