Health, Safety, & Environmental

Our Commitment

Health, Safety, & Environmental Stewardship are important aspects of all Bardex designs.

The Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Program at Bardex encapsulates our aim to protect the health and safety of our employees from occupational hazards and mitigating risks to the environment.

Our California and South Korean facilities are certified to the ISO 14001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System and ISO 45001 Environmental Management System standards. Bardex adheres to pertinent regulatory requirements and trains employees for hazards both at the office and job sites around the world. An established Safety Committee reviews the status of health, safety, and environmental concerns and continually updates policies and procedures to better meet our goals.

Mitigation of hazards to health, safety, and the environment is paramount

Hydraulics are the heart of almost all of Bardex’s equipment. We take extreme precautions to prevent injuries from trapped pressure, and especially contaminating the environment.

What we do:

Mooring Systems – Bardex has successfully moored some of the world’s largest structures in the deepest waters. Learn More

Shiplift & Transfer Systems – We offer the only chain based solution in the world. Learn More

Rig Skidding Systems – Safely & reliably move heavy loads. Some structures include pipe handling systems, drilling equipment sets, and numerous other structures that are all critical for oil production and have zero room for error.

Rig Restraining Systems – Oil & Gas production equipment is safely & reliably restrained during extreme seismic, wave, and high wind events.

Some of our mitigation techniques:

Risk Analysis

Performed throughout the execution of a project – generally once at initial design, again at final design completion, and a final time during construction/start-up to ensure all reasonable risks have been identified and addressed.

Specialty Equipment

Such as double wall heat exchangers where water and oil are separated by an air gap in case of a seal rupture on either side

Drip Trays

Placed under every hydraulic component where possible. For example, hydraulic power units contain a full footprint drip tray

Concrete Civil Works Design

Include curbs to capture any potential drips from the piping system, chain jacks, power units, & practically all aspects of the hydraulic system.

Readily Biodegradable Synthetic Ester hydraulic fluid

Recommending the use of non-toxic, biodegradable hydraulic fluid that meets the most stringent global standards


Curious about something else? 

What is the safety record of your shiplifts?

We believe this is the first question a customer should ask when expanding or upgrading their facility. We are proud to say that no Bardex shiplift has ever dropped a ship. Click here to learn more about our systems. 

What experience do you have with Certifying Authorities?

We have extensive experience with all of the major certifying authorities (ABS, DNV, BV, Lloyd’s Register)