Launching & Recovering Chain Jack Lift Systems

Our 2nd Generation Chain Jack Platforms are designed for wider loads. Be prepared for every lift, every time.

Reduce Overall CO2 Footprint & Accelerate Port’s NET Zero Goals

Streamlined Assembly Process for Serial Production

  • Accommodates any hull design

Eliminate the need for Expensive Submersibles to load out and float off

  • Not Tide Dependent Tide Independent
  • Supports Turbine Circularity – Retrieve at End of Life or for Major Turbine Repair

Environmentally Friendly

  • NO Ballast Water Pollution
  • NO Contaminants in the Water from the Hull Build Out
  • Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduced
An offshore floating wind floating being lowered into the water and launched using a Bardex Chain Jack System after it has been assembled/manufactured

Gain the competitive edge by choosing the Bardex Launch and Recover Chain Jack Lift System for your next port infrastructure investment. Contact us here