Levelock Gripper jack

The LeveLock Gripper Jack and Leveling Assembly is a Bardex patent pending design which integrates skidding, restraining and leveling functions into one compact unit. Normally, four

LeveLock Gripper Jacks are used. One is placed at each corner of the drillfloor / substructure or skidbase to level the rig. The LeveLock illustrated has a lifting capacity of of 1750 tonnes and a horizontal jacking and locking capacity of 400 tonnes. A mechanical wedge mechanism or accumulator lock down can be incorporated in the LeveLock Gripper Jack assembly to maintain the gripper clamp force after the hydraulic line pressure is released.

For Additional Information

Bardex has the capability to design and manufacture Gripper Jack Skidding Systems that can move loads exceeding 10,000 metric tons.

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