Off Vessel Tensioning (OVT)

Bardex    Off Vessel Tensioning (OVT):


Innovation built upon the shoulders of experience

The Bardex Off Vessel Tensioning (OVT) mooring system is the modern, lightweight solution you have been searching for. Fostered by our 60 years of expertise in the offshore industry, the patented OVT method with anchor handling vessel integration decreases the topside weight by 600 – 1,000 metric tons with the removal of chain tensioning and handling equipment.

The OVT method was designed to employ our patented and field-proven BarLatch™ Fairlead Chain Stoppers (FCS) technology that has been in service since 2011. Approved by ABS, BV and DNV-GL, this equipment is well suited for any area in the world .

Choosing OVT will liberate invaluable deck equipment space in favor of relatively lighter revenue-earning processing equipment, increasing profitability over the asset’s service life. Alternatively, this space saving advantage can facilitate an overall smaller hull design and reduce upfront expenditures.

Our unique load-measurement system employs Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs) to measure the strain in the body of the BarLatchTM, providing trouble-free tension sensing. While each LVDT is individually robust, single or multiple LVDTs can be implemented per BarLatchTM FCS for your peace of mind.

Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) access or diver intervention are not required for hook up and tensioning. However, we can accommodate the use of ROVs to support projects in extreme environmental conditions, such as the Arctic, and to reduce unnecessary risk by avoiding human diver intervention.

To fulfill the needs of both the oil and floating offshore wind energy sectors, our team will custom design and build an optimal solution to your application.


Closeup of the BarLatch TM
Installed BarLatch TM

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