Control Consoles

Bardex has extensive knowledge and experience designing and  manufacturing Hydraulic Control Consoles for many different uses. Each console  is custom designed for the specific application requirements and is ruggedly  constructed to handle the harshest of conditions in which it will  operate.

We design and manufacture Control Consoles for use with  Bardex Load Handling System.  Many standard controls are all hydraulic, however we can also provide solenoid-operated valves which can then be remotely controlled either manually or via a factory set PLC which can monitor feedback from our equipment to determine exact positioning or specific loading applied, for example.  Pendent or wireless controls are available.

If you would like to obtain information regarding  our Control Consoles, please call us at (805) 964-7747 or Email Us.


Common Features:

  • One-man control of all system functions.
  • Simple visual monitoring of loads and sequences.
  • Clearly identified, lever operated spring centered control valves.
  • High quality pressure gauges with liquid-damped movements.
  • Available as integral part of Hydraulic Power Unit or separately for remote operation.
  • Special painting system for use in salt air environments.
  • All Bardex Control Consoles can be designed to meet the exacting standards of regulatory agencies (API, USCG, ABS, Lloyd’s Register, DNV, etc.)

Optional features:

  • 3,000 to 5,000 psi (205 to 345 bar) operation.
  • Dual controls for X-Y operation.
  • Flow capacities to customer specification.
  • Auxiliary controls for special functions.
  • Electric controls.
  • Pendant controls.

Applications using Bardex Control Consoles

Bardex can design and build Control Consoles for a wide range of applications with specific requirements. Some of the applications that use Bardex Control Consoles include:


SPAR Mooring
FPSO Mooring
Pipe Handling / Tensioning
Rig Skidding
BOP Handling
Riser Handling
Jacket Loadout /Launch
Motion Compensation
Rig Clamping
Turret Turning / Tensioning
Production Tool Handling
Deck Lifting
Deck Tool Operation

Heavy Construction

Caisson Movement / Positioning
Tunnel Form Positioning
Module Movement / Positioning


Caisson Elevators
Shipyard Transfer
Container Crane Lift
Ship Extrusion
Module Movement
Crane Skidding
Deck Lifting
Jacket Loadout / Launch

Aerospace & Industrial

Module Movement

Cargo Handling

Container Crane Lifting
Portable Pier Erection


Motion Compensation
Buoy, CALM, SALM Mooring