Profit from the Bardex Advantage of Chain Shiplifts Over Wire Rope Systems

Increase Your Business's Flexibility & Revenue

  • Increase your Revenue by lifting more ships — Chain Jack Shiplifts offer more UPTIME with 6x decrease in downtime for maintenance.

Significantly Reduce Construction Expenses

      • Reduce the quantity and size of piles under Shiplift piers by up to 33%
      • Up to 50% reduction in concrete for pier construction
      • Width of piers can be reduced up to 33%
      • Pile cap thickness can be reduced up to 25%

Substantially Reduce Operating Expenses

  • Reduce Operating Costs by 3x-5x — Chain Jacks have operating costs that are 20-35% of wire rope shiplift OPEX.

Reliability & Functionality for the Life of Your Investment & Beyond

  • Bardex Chain Jack Shiplifts have never dropped a ship.
  • Standard 40 Year Duty Life.
  • Upgradeable after original duty life or when your yard outgrows its current needs, as some of our repeat customers have.

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