Linear Chain Jacks

Bardex Linear Chain Jacks can be utilized in many diverse system applications that require the lifting or tensioning of extremely heavy loads.

One  of Bardex’s most important product innovations and contributions to the heavy load handling industry is the Linear Chain Jack.  This piece of equipment represents one of the safest and most efficient ways  to lift, tension, or move heavy loads using chain.

As  the word “Linear” in the product’s name implies, the chain is always  lifted, pulled, or tensioned in a straight line. There are no induced link  bending stresses and interlink wear inherent when jacking the chain and  simultaneously bending it around a shoe or chainwheel.

The  Bardex Linear Chain Jack has a significantly  reduced footprint when compared to other devices such as windlasses or  winches. This greatly reduces the amount of  sometimes crucial deck space required to be set aside for turret mooring or spread mooring tensioning system.  As well as being compact, the Bardex  Chain Jack is significantly less weight than equivalent rotating  equipment.

Bardex has  designed the Linear Chain Jack so that the chain is always mechanically held  by either the Fixed or Traveling latches. This makes it impossible for the  chain to be released inadvertently due to loss of hydraulic power or operator  error.

Its  hydraulically based power source allows it to be incorporated into a  multi-unit system for the safe, efficient, and synchronized movement of  extremely heavy loads. Bardex Linear Chain Jacks can be designed and  incorporated into systems for lifting, tensioning, or moving loads exceeding  30,000 metric tons.

Linear Chain Jack Features

  • The design is kept simple with few moving parts. This results in lower initial, operating, and maintenance costs.
  • Chain is mechanically held at all times.
  • All parts can be easily removed for preventative maintenance or repairs.
  • The latches cannot be released while under load.
  • Simplified foundation structural design.

Common Applications

The Linear Chain Jack is custom designed for many different offshore and marine applications requiring the safe movement of heavy loads. Some of the applications are:

Photo Gallery of Bardex Linear Chain Jacks