Recent Shiplift Projects

Atlas Megayacht Platform

The Atlas Megayacht Platform was constructed in partnership with Matière for La Ciotat Shipyards. The first lift was completed in September 2022, and the official inauguration held on November 22nd. 

Located in the pristine waters of La Ciotat, France near Calanques National Park, the Atlas Shiplift Platform will help sustain La Ciotat Shipyard’s status as the singular destination in France with the resources and expertise required to accommodate megayacht refit projects. In addition to the shiplift, we designed a modular transfer system with both Side and End Transfer capabilities from the Shiplift to the Yard.

The shiplift and transfer system has a 4,300 ton lifting capacity and be capable of moving 105 meter vessels.

DSME Shiplift System

In 2018 Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering (DSME-Korea) awarded Bardex a ShipLift System in order to increase the capacity of the shipyard from the previously installed 1990 system.  The originally installed smaller system had been running continuously for the past 28 years. The Ship Elevator will be used for launching & maintaining military vessels.

Example of a Bardex Shiplift System

Republic of Korea Navy Shiplift System

The Republic of Korea Navy successfully lifted its first Missile Guided Frigate using the newly renovated 7,420 metric tons Chain Jack Shiplift System provided by Bardex Corporation. The original Shiplift provided by Bardex Corporation has been in continuous operation, lifting an average of three vessels per day, for over 25 years. The Navy chose a Chain Type Shiplift because of its reliability, simplicity, and low-cost of ownership. The turn-key renovation included all new higher capacity equipment, interconnecting electrical and hydraulic systems, new dual level transfer system, and the steel platform was removed, reinforced, and reinstalled.