Retrofitting Your Yard with a Chain Shiplift

Are you tired of the High Operating Costs and Downtime caused by your Wire Rope Shiplift?
…UPGRADE to a Chain Jack Shiplift!

With shiplift and transfer system experience since the mid-1960s and our dual lift chain design patented in 1976, Bardex offers a robust and secure way to lift ships. Unlike our competitors’ designs, none of our shiplifts have dropped a vessel. Your clients will feel much more comfortable knowing their ship will be held up by solid chains with built in redundancy for safety.

  • Increase your Market Share by lifting heavier, denser ships:
  • Increase your lifting capacity by 25%
  • No major civil works modifications.
  • No major modifications to existing platform.

Our dual lift hydraulically powered Chain Jacks offer many advantages:

Reduce Maintenance

• Simple design with fewer moving parts than wire rope systems.
• No excessive wear and tear due to fleet angle between wire rope drum and sheaves.
• No maintenance-prone items such as VFDs, gearboxes, brakes, bearings, sheaves, or wire ropes.

Enjoy the Benefits of Chain

• Superior corrosion resistance compared to wire ropes and sheaves submerged in sea water.
• Chains exhibit up to 15-year service life compared with maximum 5-year life for wire ropes.

Protect the Environment

• Eliminate environmental pollution caused by submerging greased wire ropes and sheaves.

Achieve Accuracy Where it Matters Most

• Load measurement, display and recording with accuracy of 0.5% of the lift capacity.
• Accurate position control and synchronization provide a perfectly level lift within 10mm across the entire platform without operator intervention.

Your shipyard can also benefit from the Bardex Virtual Dockmaster Service, a detailed simulation capable of helping your team understand the best arrangements for blocking, lifting and transferring specific ships. You provide us the ship load diagram and we will provide a detailed analysis of the best lifting and transfer arrangement.

Retrofitting an aging or undependable system with Chain Jacks is uncomplicated and inexpensive compared to continually paying for short lived repairs.




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